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The Thoughts and Clouds Book



Thoughts go by like clouds in the sky...


Thoughts are all around us. Sometimes they come from an internal process or from reactions to our environment, but sometimes thoughts are just floating about and we pick up on them unconsciously. Trouble is, when thoughts are upsetting, they can trigger feelings that often make children want to hide their thoughts, or hide from their thoughts.

As your child becomes aware of his or her own thoughts, around the age of four, those thoughts can make your child feel uncomfortable as they judge or fear new thoughts that persist. The natural response is to push thoughts away, but the harder they try, the more those thoughts recur. When focus is placed on trying to make yucky thoughts go away, energetically they become bigger.

The Thoughts and Clouds mindfulness book will guide your child and encourage the power to choose new and welcome thoughts. The key to that choice is to shift the attention to thoughts that feel positive, rather than fight an endless battle with thoughts that cause distress.

With contemplative verse, vibrant illustrations, and gentle guidance, the Thoughts and Clouds picture book will help your child relax about thoughts that come and go. Your child will learn the most effective tool for building positive thoughts and allowing negative thoughts to naturally subside.

The moment your child discovers it’s not about reacting to the discomfort of unpleasant thoughts, but most entirely about allowing those thoughts to float by like clouds in the sky, she or he will feel a sense of empowerment around choosing thoughts. With your child’s newfound ability to witness thoughts, without worry or judgment, it will become much easier to simply choose the thoughts that bring greater joy and more internal comfort.

We live in challenging times and children pick up on our troubles and stresses, soaking up unspoken emotions. With strong visuals and some guided mindfulness, Thoughts and Clouds is designed to help your child to become aware and in charge of his or her thoughts early in life, easing the internal battle with unwanted thoughts. Once your child learns that thoughts of all kinds are normal and that you can choose your thoughts, this new discovery can bring a great sense of relief.

This gentle book speaks to that little one in all of us. Even as adults we have the tendency to feel triggered by uncomfortable thoughts and often don’t know how to shut them off. The more we pay attention, the more pesky they become. Thoughts can feel intrusive and yet they are simply a natural part of life as we grow up and our minds begin to develop. As children, most of us never learned about what thoughts are and how to observe them without reaction or how to shift our thoughts from what we don’t want to those which give us joy and motivation.

This cherished mindfulness picture book offers a simple and effective way to teach your child new ways to think of thoughts!... "Choose the thoughts that you love and watch the others go by like clouds in the sky."
 ♥ May this little love-filled book bring both entertainment and comfort to your little one.




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