How to Charge a Pendulum



How to Charge a Pendulum



Wanting to learn how to charge a pendulum and what the difference is between “charging” and “cleansing"? Cleansing a pendulum has to do with clearing negative or stagnant energies that have attached to your pendulum, while learning how to charge a pendulum has to do with increasing, or raising, the vibration of your pendulum.

There is an order when it comes to preparing your pendulum for use, and before programming, or charging, your pendulum, you’ll first want to cleanse it. You can learn more about that here. After you have cleared any negative energy from your pendulum, you can begin the process for charging it.





How to Charge a Pendulum Using Sunlight - Charging your pendulum using the power and light from the sun is a wonderful way to add natural energy and raise the vibration of your pendulum. Before placing your pendulum in direct sunlight for an extended period of time, you’ll want to make sure that the gemstones contained in your pendulum are not affected by sunlight. Among some of the most vulnerable to sun are Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Aventurine, Citrine, Aquamarine, and Fluorite.

Among other possible issues, typically these crystals will fade and lose their color when left in the sun. Some of them can withstand a short period in the sun if you would like to test leaving them out for twenty minutes or so, but it’s best to do a quick online check to see if your pendulum stone will fare well in the sun. For this reason, sunlight is not my favorite way to Charge a Pendulum stone.



How to Charge a Pendulum by the Light of a Full Moon - Not only is the moon great for cleansing your pendulum, but the full moon is an excellent time to charge and energize your pendulums. You can do this by sitting it directly outside overnight, or at a windowsill that gets a good amount of moonlight exposure. To add grounding to your pendulum, sit it on top of the soil of a potted plant that is positioned at a large window, or in an outdoor potted plant.


How to Charge a Pendulum Using a Tibetan Singing Bowl - This is perhaps my favorite way to charge a pendulum. A singing bowl, with its beautifully balanced and resonating sound, is a wonderful way to feed positive energy to your pendulum. Some people advise that you mustn’t charge a stone right inside the bowl, but rather hold the crystal, or stone, over and near the bowl as it’s producing its energy enhancing sound.

I, on the other hand, prefer to nestle my pendulum right in the bowl on a soft piece of folded cotton. I keep the little folded cotton square small so that it doesn’t touch the sides of the bowl or interfere with the purity and quality of the sound. The soft cloth also creates a cushion so that the pendulum doesn’t bounce around and vibrate within the bowl. I feel this ritual adds a beautifully positive energy charge to a pendulum and it’s my preferred method.


How to Charge a Pendulum with Your Own Energy - Another of my favorite ways to charge a pendulum, or send loving vibrations to your pendulum, is by passing on your own great energy. I became aware of my own ability to draw, store, and vibrate energy when my little girl was diagnosed with Leukemia almost three years ago. (She’s doing well now and has been off treatment for six months).

Throughout her treatment, I shared the hospital bed with her and, every night, I held my hand to her back, asked for guidance, and focused my heart and mind on drawing energy into my hand while I passed it on to my little girl. I could feel how, over time, the energy would increase and vibrate in my hands. Before then, I had only dabbled in working with energy healing, but I remember when my father was very ill and suffering in pain, I performed some reiki energy healing on him in the hospital. I was so touched when his eyes lit up and he told me how wonderful it felt.

Me... I was able to give him a gift I never knew I had. It is one of the lasting memories that gives me peace, knowing that he found relief, love, and comfort in receiving healing energy. There were times when my daughter was quite beaten by the intense treatment and I would sit up at night with her, passing my hands over her body until she fell asleep. It is perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can give to another when they are suffering and their heart is burdened by the difficult journey.

Brings a tear to my eyes. THAT... is the power of the infinite source of energy that is available to you. That is what you can draw upon, not only to send a loving charge to your pendulum, but also in all that you do, and to all with whom you choose to share this energy.

Learning how to charge a pendulum using your own energy is as simple as preparing your state to one of calmness and love, cupping your pendulum in your dominant hand, and drawing upon the infinite source of positive, loving energy. Allow the source to circulate in the palm of your hand, and to vibrate to the end of your fingers. Place your focus on transmitting that energy to your pendulum with love and awareness, finishing on a note of gratitude. That my friend is the perfect charge... the one that comes from the infinite heart of the universe.



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