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Learning how to use a pendulum to receive divine guidance is very much about tuning into your intuitive and higher self. Deep down, no one knows better than you the questions that need asking and the answers which you seek. While some people like to ask questions regarding health, I have always looked to the pendulum in the same way I look to the I Ching... it’s all about the lessons in the personal journey.

Understandably, when you’re suffering with health related issues, the pain sometimes becomes so great that there feels a sense of desperation to find answers. I did experience some chronic health issues that wore at my emotional state and drove me to seek answers using my pendulum, however, I am a solid believer that health issues are a physical manifestation stemming from a deeper place.

For this reason I like to delve into a holistic approach to uncovering health related challenges. There are various ways to approach this by addressing chakra deficiencies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food and environmental allergies, and emotional depletion, or recurring patterns to do with life experiences.

Exploring how to use a pendulum for your health, both physical and emotional, can help you to uncover the mind/body correlation between physical and spiritual health. I learned at the young age of 18 that my physical health could tell me a lot about the areas in which my heart was not satisfied and that physical symptoms always offer an opportunity for inner exploration.

You are ONE, and there is no need to divorce yourself from being whole when it comes to your well-being. I do not make pendulum charts that relate to physical health because it feels beyond my purview to advise on health issues. I can, however, offer you a free pendulum chart that you can print and fill with options pertaining to your particular questions and circumstances. You can find the chart and instructions for how to use a pendulum with this chart





Discovering how to use a pendulum as a sacred tool, guiding you in your spiritual journey, requires solidarity between the heart and mind. Setting intentions for how you will use your pendulum, and for opening your heart to receiving the answers you most need, will assure that you are intuitively asking the right questions that will lead you to your desired goal.

The answers lay in the questions themselves for it is in the selective asking that you will be prompted to ask deeper questions, leading to your higher purpose. How to use a pendulum in your spiritual quest relates directly with remaining open to being guided by your intuition. As you develop a rhythm and flow in your pendulum readings, you will become more finely attuned with natural instinct, developing your intuition as you grow. The more you use and connect with your pendulum, the more you become attuned to it, and it to you.

The quality of your questions will also determine the quality of your answers. The process of staying with your heart and setting heartfelt intentions will keep you on the path of abundance, allowing for divine guidance to provide the answers you most seek. How to use a pendulum to uncover your highest path is primarily about determining the questions that most need asking, rather than asking questions to which you are most attached.

You can find step-by-step instructions for using a pendulum here. For a deep-dive into questions to ask your pendulum click here. The answers to your most important questions await.

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