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Learning how to hold a pendulum comfortably is about how it feels to you. Typically, a pendulum will have a charm, stone, or ring at its end from which you can suspend your pendulum and allow it to swing freely. At Circa 1890, our pendulums are designed with lengths ranging between eight and ten inches, and finished with an artfully detailed stone, or charm, at the end.






While there is no set rule on how to hold a pendulum in terms of whether you hold it at the chain, or by the end component, pendulums are usually designed with the holding placement at the end. With our pendulums, we suggest that if you’re more comfortable with cupping the end of the pendulum in your hand, while holding it a little ways down the chain, that’s fine too, although you will want to allow enough length below so that your pendulum swings nicely and is unencumbered.

Most importantly, how to hold a pendulum for a good reading is about ensuring that you are both relaxed and comfortable. Sit in a comfortable position, with legs uncrossed. While you can operate a pendulum sitting in bed or on the floor, you may want to test what position offers you the most comfort and ease. If you feel unstable in terms of maintaining a steady hand, you may want to sit at a table, feet firmly planted on the floor, and your elbow resting on the table to stabilize your arm. Alternately, you can sit in a comfortable chair with your elbow resting on the arm of the chair, or on a nearby table.

Using your dominant hand, hold the pendulum at the end, or near the top of the chain, between your thumb and index finger. Now, while suspending your pendulum from your fingers, you can ask your questions. With time you’ll see, even though your hand maintains steady, the pendulum is free to swing in the direction of your answer. This could be clockwise, counter clockwise, forward and backward, or side to side. The direction in which your pendulum swings will be established when you program your pendulum and prepare it for use.

Once it has been programmed for your yes and no, you will not have to program it again for it will always be attuned to your energy. To learn more about how to program your pendulum
click here.

Being relaxed and steady is your best practice. How to hold a pendulum so that your reading is accurate, (aside from ensuring that your pendulum has ample room to swing freely) is more about preparing your state and learning what questions to ask a pendulum. After you establish your own little routine and connection with your pendulum, you will develop and intuitive rhythm and flow to your readings. Enjoy the process and allow yourself to receive guided energy and you’ll continually elevate your readings, creating a sacred connection that will lead you in your journey.

Already know how to hold a pendulum? Explore what questions to ask your pendulum
here. Did you know a pendulum can be used for much more than yes or no answers? You can use a printable pendulum chart with intention-focused questions and readings that are guided by your own energy and current journey. You can also download our free printable pendulum chart with instructions on how to create your own customized questions and answers.



Pendulum Charts for Manifesting Abundance




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