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The questions to ask a pendulum can be as varied and unlimited as your imagination. You will find however, the more specific and dialed in your question, the more telling and accurate your answers will be. Start by asking questions that can only garner a yes or no response rather than asking “should I _____ instead of _____?" as the pendulum can only answer yes or no. With more advanced pendulum work, you can however measure responses more in depth, but for basic pendulum readings you must keep questions precise.

So if you want to know whether you should approach a career in the healing arts, or if you should venture into music, begin by asking about one specific area such as reiki. Then you can move onto homeopathy, before asking about something related to music. Exploring the many facets that each industry has to offer, may lead you to newfound possibilities that will marry two interests such as producing music for relaxation and meditation.

When thinking of questions to ask a pendulum, you can consider rephrasing questions that don’t seem to result in a definitive response. For example, if you are asking about a relationship, rather than ask “is this the right person for me?”, you could ask “is it uplifting for me to continue seeing this person?” This allows for an answer that is centered on your current journey, as well as the opportunity for exploration, rather than an all encompassing yes or no for the rest of your life. The less broad your question, the easier it will be to receive a clear yes or no response.




to ask a pendulum


The following are suggested questions to ask a pendulum categorized by various topics:

Career related questions to ask a pendulum...

Will this company offer me the opportunity to move into a higher position that is rewarding?

Can this job be a stepping stone for me to venture into the ________ field?

Is this a good time to change jobs?

Will I command more respect if I set stronger boundaries at my next job?

Will taking _______ course help me to turn this job into the career I want?

Is the company looking after my best interest regarding _________ ?

Will turning this hobby into a business be profitable?

Is this a good time to ask for a pay increase?

Is this a good time to apply for a higher position?

Do I have enough experience for __________ ?

Will I be happy at this company? If the answer is no, you can go deeper and ask “will I be unhappy because it’s the wrong job for me?”, and then “will I be unhappy because I don’t allow myself to be truly me, no matter the job I choose?” Whatever relates to you and feels like your natural instinct, is the right question to ask.

Love and relationship questions to ask a pendulum...

Can I be confident that this union is aligned with my best interests?

Are ________ and I on the same path?

Is this relationship a repeat of my last relationship?

Is this a good time for me to commit to a relationship?

Will I soon find someone who is ready to commit to a relationship?

Are we better suited as friends?

Is it a good time to share _______ with ________ ?

Am I putting more effort into this relationship than ________ ?

Should I set _________ boundary with ___________ ?

Next step questions to ask a pendulum...

Should I ask _______ to help me with _______ ?

Will I benefit from partnering with __________ on this next venture?

Should I approach ________ with an ultimatum?

Should I say no to ________ offer?

Is it a good idea to assert myself around ________ ?

Should I reveal that I’m against _________ now?

Is it okay that I have changed my mind around _________ ?


Getting clarity questions to ask a pendulum...

Am I asking too little for _________ ?

Do I keep getting the answer no because there is something better waiting for me?

Am I passing up a good opportunity if I say no to __________ ?

Am I expecting too much from ________ ?

Should I get more information before deciding to __________ ?

Is my decision to __________ in line with my true calling?


Timing related questions to ask a pendulum...

Is this a good time to move?

Is this the right time for me to start my business?

Is it a good time for me to start this project?

Is what’s happening globally good for ________ now?

Is this the best time to invest in __________ ?


Questions to ask a pendulum for getting direction around anxiety and fear...

Am I resisting ________ because of fear?

Is _________ the trigger for the anxiety I’m feeling?

Will saying no to __________ reduce my anxiety?

Is not speaking about _________ causing this anxiety?

Will _________ help reduce my fear around ________ ?

Is this crystal helpful to calm my anxiety?

Will this crystal help me with my fear of _________ ?

The best questions to ask a pendulum are those that specifically relate to you and the decisions you need to make rather than questions that you feel will give you answers about another person. Asking questions about another person, as it pertains to you, will often give you better results than trying to ascertain specific information on the other person. The exception to this would be when you’re working with another person who has given you permission to do a reading and vice versa.

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