How Does a Pendulum Work







“How does a pendulum work” is a common question, and people are often confused as to where the answers actually come from. Skeptics would argue that one is actually making the movements gravitate toward the desired outcome. So how does a pendulum work? Quite simply, the gravitational pull of a pendulum works on a variety of levels, depending both on the user, and the ability of that user to remain objectively open.







Pendulums work with your own energy, attuning to your higher self and your subconscious. While the answers may come from within, some answers may also come from the energies around, such as your spirit guides. However, they are still channeled through you and your own higher wisdom. Being in a relaxed and open state will help guide you to answers that are founded in truth, while being overly attached to an outcome may hinder your readings.

So how does a pendulum work when you’re too attached to a particular outcome? If you feel anxious, or too set on receiving a positive conclusion, it’s best to ask someone you trust for assistance. Someone who is not as emotionally invested in the “right” answer can perform the pendulum reading for you. Remember that you are seeking truth, and being able to remain somewhat objective will ensure that your emotions are not interfering. Allowing a trusted friend to operate your pendulum and assist you with your questions can help provide you with answers that are founded in truth.



How Does a Pendulum Work

When Using a Pendulum Chart?


There are infinite ways you can use a pendulum. You can ask your pendulum a variety of questions such as whether a relationship is harmonious, or if it has potential. You can ask questions that will aid you in your decision-making, or you can ask for clarity on current circumstances. All of these questions are reliant upon yes and no answers, but you can also use a pendulum chart that is prearranged with set answers.

At Circa 1890, you can find pendulum charts that are designed by specific topics and intentions such as creating abundance, your current journey, receiving higher messages around blockages, and messages around raising your vibration. They are intuitively crafted and aligned with principles that are based on universal truths.

To operate a pendulum using a chart, again it’s best to prepare your state before embarking on a reading. Hold your pendulum over the placement marked with an arrow. Starting with a chart that relates to your intention and topic of interest, ask the question that feels most pressing. For example, if you are using the abundance chart, you might ask specific questions such as “what is my primary block around attracting money?” Take time to move through your major blockages, addressing them one-by-one, as most of us have more than one block. You'll find that your readings will change over a period of time as you ascend through various levels of clearing those blocks.



How Does a Pendulum Work with Your Intuition?


As you become more attuned to your pendulum and receiving guidance, you will increase your ability to sharpen your intuition. As with all good questions, the answers often lead to better questions, and the ones we really need to be asking. Tapping into your inner knowing will ensure that the questions you ask are those that will serve you best. Deep down you know when you’re seeking answers with attachment and when you’re open to receiving divine guidance.

Your connection with both your pendulum, and divine energy, will intuitively guide you in your journey. The key is remaining open and allowing the answers to come as they are intended. Soon you’ll find a rhythm and flow to your readings and intuition will become an integral part in finding the answers you most need.

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