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Learning how to read a pendulum is straight forward once you have programmed your pendulum. Before you can establish a connection that will definitively give you yes and no answers, you need to create the clear line of communication between you and your pendulum. This will be different for everyone so it is the first step you’ll want to take to prepare your pendulum for readings.



HOW TO READ A PENDULUM... preparing and programming 



To program your pendulum and prepare it for your first reading, start by finding a comfortable place to sit. It can be in your favorite chair, at a table, on your sofa, in bed, or on the floor. All is good, as long as you feel comfortable and relaxed so that you can focus your energy and attention on connecting with your pendulum.

Preparing your state for optimal reading is also a good idea. If you’re feeling any level of intensity or anxiety you may want to situate yourself in a more grounded position by ensuring your legs are uncrossed and your feet are firmly on the floor. If you feel you cannot keep a steady hand, you may also want to sit at a table so that you can rest your elbow and create more stability for your arm and hand. Alternately, you can rest your elbow on the side arm of a sofa, or on a nearby table next to a comfortable chair.

Using your dominant hand, hold the pendulum by its end, or somewhere along the chain, between your thumb and your index finger. Make sure to leave enough length in the chain to allow the pendulum a good, free swing that is unencumbered. While suspending your pendulum, ask which direction means yes for you. Wait until your pendulum swings clearly in one direction. This could be clockwise, counter clockwise, forward and backward, or side to side. You can then ask which direction means no.

Repeat this process a few times until you feel confident about the answers. You can check the accuracy of the answers by asking a question such as “are my eyes blue?” After you have established your “YES” and “NO”, you can also ask your pendulum which direction means “I don’t know” or “I can’t answer.” Once you verify that the pendulum is answering correctly, your pendulum is programmed to perform readings and you will no longer need to program it, for your yes and no will always remain the same.

That is really all that is necessary for how to read a pendulum and maintain its accuracy to swing in the direction that is attuned with your yes and no. Now that you know how to read a pendulum and program it to your energy, learn more about how to cleanse a pendulum
here. Clearing your pendulum of any negative energy will better ensure the accuracy of your readings and keep your pendulum operational.

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