Tokens of...Love


This page is devoted to the loving memory of my sweet father who loved the violin, good music, French films and was forever searching for the next prime number.

For many years he worked in the photographic industry developing large commercial photographs like the ones you see on billboards. He had a fabulous sense of humour and a fine mind.

 Each day that passes I learn a little more...

"I remember your smile, your gentleness and upon your last days I learned that, of all colours, you loved red the most. This one is for you."

As I search through my father's belongings I discover more and more how much he loved the romantic. Even in his love for mathematics he shared the same appreciation as I do for the sheer beauty and art of fractal patterns. 


This fabulous photograph is of Blinky our family cat. My father took this photograph around 1970 when Blinky was new to the family. He developed the photograph in a unique black and white contrast.

In loving memory of...Carlos...our father...



"I cried a tear into the ocean. When they find it I will stop loving you...only then."