How to Cleanse a Pendlum



How to Cleanse a Pendulum




Learning how to cleanse a pendulum is an easy process and there are several ways to do this successfully. While some people recommend using water or salt for cleansing a pendulum, this can actually damage the finish on the metal or corrode the gemstone, or crystal, itself. Water is typically harmless if the pendulum is made from sterling silver, but in the case of special finishes such as antique plating, bright plating, and patina finishes, the water will break down the finish and make the pendulum more susceptible to corrosion. Salt also has strong corrosive effects on both metal and some stones.




The following are three safe and easy ways to effectively cleanse a pendulum before using it:



How to Cleanse a Pendulum with Moonlight and Earth - Cleansing a pendulum overnight, by the light of the moon, will clear it of negative energy and, if you do this on a full moon, it will also energize the pendulum. You can also place your pendulum in the soil of a potted plant, that sits at a window, to receive grounding energy from the soil and cleansing from the moonlight.



How to Cleanse a Pendulum by Smudging or with Incense - Holding your pendulum over the purifying smoke of burning white sage, or incense, will not only clear your pendulum of any negative energy, it will also cleanse the energy of the room. Do this for a minute or two, or until you feel that the process is complete.



How to cleanse a Pendulum Using Your Own Energy and Intention - Just as your pendulum’s energy can affect your energy, you also have the power to affect the energy of your pendulum. Cleansing a pendulum using your own energy and intention is perhaps the easiest process as you can perform this at any moment, wherever you happen to be.

Choose a spot where you feel comfortable and you can focus your heart and mind on creating positive energy for your pendulum. Hold the pendulum by the chain, close your eyes, and focus on loving intentions, sending your energy directly to your pendulum. You can also ask for assistance if you have spirit guides, or a connection to a loved one who has passed to the other side.

As you place your intention and focus on creating clearing energy for your pendulum, pay attention to how you feel. When your heart feels content and you have held the focus for cleansing your pendulum, cup the pendulum in your hands while placing your attention on gratitude. Repeat this process any time you feel your pendulum needs to be cleared of any possible negative energy. Your pendulum is now cleared and ready to be programmed or used for a reading.

Now you know how to cleanse a pendulum safely. This is a process that will need to be performed again... as you feel it is needed. If you are using your pendulum to give readings, or you permit others to use it, then you will most definitely want to cleanse it before using it for your reading. It’s up to you to decide whether to let others handle your pendulum and you may choose to do so when you feel overly attached to receiving a particular answer. In which case, having someone else do your reading for you may be beneficial.

Otherwise, you may choose to maintain a special pendulum that you use for your own readings, keeping it within your own energy field, and another pendulum that you share with others. Either way, you will want to maintain the energy of your pendulums by making sure to clear any stagnant or negative energies. Cleansing a pendulum after allowing another person to operate it is a good idea, especially for preventing the transfer of energy from one reading to the next.

Learning how to cleanse a pendulum properly is essential for maintaining clear and accurate readings. You can use your intuition and judgment as to how often, and when, your pendulum needs to be cleared before using it again. Generally, staying attuned to how your pendulum is performing, and how it feels when held in your hands, will be your guide as to when and how often to do so.

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