Messages for Redirection








The Messages for Redirection Pendulum Chart is all about how to transform "NO" into the pathway to "YES." Use this chart with your own pendulum, with a pendant necklace, or a treasured item that you can suspend on a string. You will be guided to the answers that are matched with your own energy. The writings in the Messages for Redirection Pendulum chart are founded on universal truths and they work with your own energy and inner wisdom.

When we are continually met with the answer "NO" and it feels as thought there is conflict in attaining our dreams, it can not only bring frustration and disappointment, it can sometimes impede the feeling of confidence. Especially in times of massive global change, it may feel as though things aren't flowing, or that you are energetically stuck.

When you are receiving a “no” response to a request, whether it’s a business venture you are embarking on, a new job you were hoping to get, or you just seem to be reaching a standstill every which way you turn, there is almost always a strong reason that the energy isn’t moving as you would like.

Often hearing “no” brings frustration and disappointment which doesn't necessarily prompt us to search for a higher message behind the answer no. No is oftentimes simply a cue to look for deeper information and to open to something even better. Contrary to popular belief, NO is loaded with promise that is not readily seen. There is hidden meaning in most NO answers and the opportunities that lay beyond delving deeper, are the very things that will bring the most success.

The more you explore the meaning behind what feels like a rejection, obstacles, or a door closing, the more you will intuitively develop a path that will continually lead you to that which you truly need... your own well of abundance.

The Higher Good Messages for Redirection Chart will help you gain insight into the higher path in which you are being directed. This is a path that will serve you better, allowing opportunity for greater reward. Eventually, all no’s lead to a yes if you keep following the path that is in line with your divine energy. Use this chart often... when you encounter obstacles and feel frustration with the difficulties in moving forward. With time, you will start to look upon “no” as a positive opportunity to receive guidance for new directions you didn’t know existed.


This downloadable chart is designed to be read comfortably on a tablet. You can also print your chart in full colour by selecting to print the first six pages of your PDF download, or you have the additional option to print a low ink copy by selecting the last six pages (7-12) in your printer preferences.


This digital chart comes with a masked version so you have the choice of performing a reading without any visual influence which may sway your attachment to a particular answer. In other words, the first chart image will not show any words, but only sections in your chart so you won’t be heavily influenced by suggestion.


Hold your pendulum just above the arrow, ask your question, and wait for the pendulum to sway for a time until the chosen direction becomes evident. Don't be surprised if occasionally your pendulum indicates two answers, or swings across from one answer to another. This means that both answers apply to your situation. After your pendulum has clearly indicated the chosen section, you can find a detailed reading, or situation analysis, on the accompanying pages of your download.


All charts and pendulums are created with love at Circa 1890 and are not intended to be used as medical or psychological advice. They are intuitively built to help you in your journey to your higher self and your higher purpose. May you always find peace, comfort and inspiration that will lead you to your innermost joy.

"Go where the energy is." ~ Circa 1890