Teal Blue Agate Pendulum - Balancing ~ Intuition

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Teal Blue Agate Pendulum

Balancing & Intuition



Agate is a Chalcedony stone which is known for balancing Yin and Yang, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies. Believed to eliminate negativity, this stone promotes calm and peace. You can use this stone to cleanse negative vibrations, for stress relief and to aid in relaxation. Agate is also believed to inspire connection on the spiritual realm.

This lovely, teal colored, Agate is both delicate and simple. Topped with two 8 mm Labradorite beads, the pendulum’s metaphysical attributes are further amplified by Labradorite’s intuitive-enhancing properties. Labradorite is thought to build strength and perseverance, provide clarity and insight, and to help access both the subconscious mind and inner wisdom. This vibrant pendulum is just over ten inches long and features delicate antique bronze accents.

All Circa 1890 pendulums measure between 7 and 10 inches in length and can be held at any preferred point along the chain as feels comfortable for your reading.