Prehnite Vintage Style Pendulum - Inner Knowing

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Prehnite Vintage Style Pendulum

Inner Knowing


Prehnite, a natural crystal in a lovely, light, translucent green, is a stone of “truth and revealing.” It increases and protects the energy from around, adding calmness and order. Thought to help reveal inner knowing, Prehnite is an excellent stone for dream work, giving assistance in recalling dreams as well as bringing light to their meaning. Prehnite enhances insight and spiritual communication.

This translucent, and almost milky stone, has lovely markings within that almost resemble the inclusions found in Amber. A stone of lasting beauty, it offers calm, serenity and protection.

At just over nine inches in length, this serene green pendulum features a 28 mm x 13 mm stone, topped with intricate, antique gold filigree detailing and an iridescent 8 mm crystal at the end.

All Circa 1890 pendulums measure between 7 and 10 inches in length and can be held at any preferred point along the chain as feels comfortable for your reading.