Filigree Locket Neclace in Powder Puff Pink

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Filigree Floral Locket Necklace in Powder Puff Pink



Sweet and Charming... powder puff pink flowers and

a tiny sparrow grace this vintage style filigree locket.

Necklace is adjustable from 16 to 19 inches.


The filigree locket was popular during the 1800's and often

 used as a perfume locket by placing perfume soaked fabric inside

the locket. Similar to the "Vinaigrette," which was a small

decorative, perforated box that was usually carried

at the waist to mask unpleasant smells.


A little beauty in a romantic era... during times of infrequent

bathing and the stench of poor sanitation in the streets. It was the time of

cholera, before modern plumbing and sanitation were invented, when women

would often sport a nosegay or a scented locket to mask the malodorous trails

coming from the streets and from themselves. Much like the Elizabethan

ruff worn around the neck to direct odors away from ones own

body, the romance continued with the perfumed locket.


Today the filigree locket can be used to house a

small cotton swab, lightly doused with essential oil

or to safe-keep a much loved photo.