Good Luck Symbols

Flora & Fauna of the Victorian and Edwardian period



Flora & Fauna

Good Luck Symbols of the Victorian and Edwardian period



Nature inspired good luck symbols during the Victorian and Edwardian era expressed both romantic sentiment and the age old desire to attract ones own good fortune.

 Much like the healing properties of gemstones exists so does the magic of aligning with source to create energetic fields of positive attraction. Dating back to ancient civilizations insects and animals where used as tokens and good lucksymbols.

The Victorians took a great interest in nature inspired design both for the home and in fashion. Some of the more popular good luck symbols and motifs of the period where dragonflies butterflies, birds, flowers, bees and acorns.

The Victorian era brought romance and whimsy with the use of flora and fauna in design. With the influx of trade with Japan in the 1850's came a fascination for nature in art and design which was greatly influenced by Japanese textiles, art and ceramics.

Europe became enamoured with the exquisite and highly detailed representations of birds, flowers, trees and insects. The Art Nouveau period saw exceptional high calibre works from designers such as René Lalique.

Lalique was a French glass designer who became known for his glass art, jewellery and perfume bottles amongst his various other works of art. His stylized Art Nouveau pin of half woman half dragonfly inspired design was nothing short of breathtaking.

Vibrantly coloured winged insects where seen crawling on hats, veils and blouses during the gilded age. In keeping with the times here at Circa 1890 we also hold a special place in our hearts for the insects that pollinate, clean the earth and keep the balance. We love bugs! (the metal ones)

You will always find a leggy friend and gossamer wings in our collection...with one exception... We refuse to make a pin of the common slug. Call us snobs if you may but, we subscribe only to the bugs of beauty.



Good Luck Symbols


Dragonfly Meaning


The dragonfly represents prosperity, strength, courage and change. With the ability to tap into the conscious and the sub-conscious the dragonfly sharpens both awareness and vision. The dragonfly is known for speed and the ability to shift directions with great ease.

A mystical insect often reported to be present after a loved one has departed. Many have reported feelings of peace and love when visited by a dragonfly after a loved one has passed. I have experienced a few occasions when I was moved by the presence of dragonflies.

The first was after a friend had passed I found a baby dragonfly sitting curbside in an unlikely location in unlikely weather. The following year a dragonfly landed on my display rack at an outdoor show and stayed for about an hour.

The last experience, was at an outdoor family wedding. Dragonflies where flying about during the ceremony. A pair of mating dragonflies landed on my sleeve. The beauty of the moment reflected the love that was felt by all during the vows that were exchanged.



Butterfly Symbolism


The butterfly symbolizes the soul.

They represent freedom, spiritual growth, transormation and immortality.



 Symbolic meaning of the Bumble Bee 


The bumble bee represents focus, creativity, personal power and fertility. The energy of the bumble bee aligns with hard work, devotion and the ability to focus your efforts to accomplish anything. They exemplify the art of "doing." They are thought to symbolize good fortune, joy and harmony.


Sparrow Symbolism


Birds represent freedom and the soul. The sparrow is the symbolic guide to find your way along the path of life. When lost the sparrow will lead you home.




Symbolic meaning of the Acorn


Acorns symbolize luck, prosperity and growth. They are thought to represent youthfulness strength and stability. Acorns are good luck charms bestowing the wearer with possibilities for unlimited potential.


Oak leaf Symbolism


The oak leaf symbolizes strength, longevity and endurance offering protection and nourishment for growth.


Symbolism of the red rose



The red rose is the traditional symbol of love, beauty and romance.



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I hope you enjoyed this read on good luck symbols. Please visit our new creatures at the  Gossamer Wings page.