Angels' Whispers Printable Pendulum Chart



Angels' Whispers Printable Pendulum Chart




You are not alone... The writings in the Angels' Whispers Pendulum Chart are founded on universal truths that work with your own energy and inner wisdom. Use this chart with your own pendulum, with a pendant necklace, or a treasured item that you can suspend on a string. You will be guided to the answers that are aligned with your energy and the message that is intended for you. 

Angels’ Whispers Pendulum Chart will guide you on your journey in difficult times. Refer to it often as the need arises. In times of massive global change, there are energy shifts that can leave you feeling confused and displaced. This chart is lovingly, and intuitively, created to offer guidance founded in universal truths.

Guided by your own energy and inner wisdom, your pendulum will naturally gravitate to the message that is in alignment with your own energy. Understand that you are not alone, and your voice is heard when you ask for guidance. The angels always watch over, leaving little messages that can be accessed only through being open and in tune with your heart. May you always know that angels are all around.

This downloadable chart is designed to be read comfortably on a tablet. You can also print your chart in full color by selecting to print the first five pages of your PDF download, or you have the additional option to print a low ink copy by selecting the last five pages (6-10) in your printer preferences.
This digital chart comes with a masked version so you have the option of performing a reading without any visual influence that may sway your attachment to a particular answer. In other words, the first chart image will not show any words, but only sections in your chart so you won’t be heavily influenced by suggestion.
Before using your pendulum chart, make sure your pendulum is both programmed to your energy and cleansed. Preparing your pendulum before using it for a reading, or with a chart, will ensure that your readings are accurate and attuned to your energy.

Hold your pendulum just above the arrow, ask your question, and wait for the pendulum to sway for a time until the chosen direction becomes evident. Don't be surprised if occasionally your pendulum indicates two answers, or swings across from one answer to another. This simply means that both answers apply to your situation. After your pendulum has clearly indicated the chosen section, you can find a detailed reading, or situation analysis, on the accompanying pages of your download.
All charts and pendulums are created with love at Circa 1890 and are not intended to be used as medical or psychological advice. They are intuitively built to help you in your journey to your higher self and your higher purpose. May you always find peace, comfort and inspiration that will lead you to your innermost joy.